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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Denim Shift Dresses

Watch the length

The length of denim shift dresses for girls can make all the difference too. While a typical shift dress is of short length, it is always good to know what really works for your figure. For instance, if you have bulky legs and thighs, you should go a little longer on length. Another good idea is to accompany the dress with leggings or stockings if the weather permits.

Style with layers

If you are not too sure about rocking the shift style, simply layer it up for adding grace to the ensemble. A curvy woman can have some doubts about carrying a shift dress in denim, but matching denim or leather jacket or a chic cardigan can do the trick for accentuating the curves.

Go experimental with jewelry

Even if you buy best shift dresses for women, you will have to make efforts to glam these up because they are basically simple in cuts and styles. The best way to do so is to accessorize these with chunky jewelry pieces that add to the charm them up. Go ahead to enliven the look with a bold neckpiece, hanging earrings and shimmery bracelets.

Wear low heels

Shift dresses, particularly the ones made in denim, have a refreshing appeal and girlish charm. So they would always look better with flats or low heels; and if you love your high ones, aim for moderation. You will definitely feel more comfortable too.

Keep Warm and Stylish when Winters

Office goers look all formal chic by wearing comfortable winter wear without adding too much of bulk to your frame. Winters are the best time to invest in tailored sweatshirts for men and women. Have a good collection of sweatshirts because they are truly versatile and can be worn anywhere. Match them up with lightweight pullovers and sweaters with your ever-so-trustworthy pair of denims to get a no-fail style quotient.

Pick the right kind of fabric for your winter wear as this makes hell lot of difference when it comes to comfortable winter clothing. With great progress in the fiber technology, winter clothing is now available in various fabrics like cashmere, woven cotton and so on. All these materials regulate body heat, comfortable enough for the skin unlike their synthetic counterpart. Since knitted winter wears allow great flexibility and ease of movement, these are considered the best type of cover for the winters. Sweaters for men as well as sweaters for women crafted out of these well insulated materials works best if you wish to go for layering this winters. Men can wear them with regular denims, skinny pants, and can even throw them over formal suits by layering it with well structured blazers or men’s jackets. Whereas, ladies can team up stylish sweaters with short dresses, skirts to sport a feminine look.

It’s really important that you soon learn the simple tricks of effective layering winter wears to brave through the chilly winters. Layering doesn’t mean stuffing yourself to death with bulky knit-wears. Make sure layering doesn’t make you look like a teddy bear, rather do it in a way that makes you more stylish, accentuating your frame in the best possible ways. Wear your most comfortable pair of denims or skinnies,, preferably in a darker tone. Jackets for men also work as a great layering tool that can be considered for both formal as well as casual dos. Choose a simple tee and a lightweight sweatshirt or a cozy sweater along with a sporty jacket or a relaxed blazer. Finally, drape on a scarf for extra warmth and of course style! And there you go turning heads all along with this unique casual go-to dressing idea!

Style Vintage Wear

Shopping for vintage that works for you is key. There may be remnants of the 80s still about, but if you don’t like the style, why wear it? Vintage is about embracing the decades you do like and the shapes you feel work best on your figure. If you aren’t sure where to start, 50s and 60s styles are usually great for all kinds of girls, from thin to curvy. The dresses are usually cut very flattering, A line and flared out for a dramatically feminine style.

As far as style tips go, a great way to start is to pick one vintage piece and build the rest of your outfit around it using more modern choices. So whether it’s kitten heels from the 70s or a beautiful 40s pin up dress, have everything else be more modern. That way you won’t feel as if you are walking around in a big period piece costume. It’s also good to start with materials that are comfortable for you, like lace or sequins. Going with the velvet 80s dress may be a bit too much for someone just starting to go back a few decades!

When shopping for true vintage, remember that sizes aren’t the same as they are today. You may be a size 4 in modern clothes, but that may be a size 8 in a dress from the 50s. Be sure to always try pieces on or get measurements if you are buying online.

When it comes to the latest fashion trends, vintage is definitely one to embrace as it is as been kicking for the past few years, which is rare for most trends that die out in a season or two. You are going to be grateful you have it in your closet because it’s going to last you a long time, style wise. Keep an eye out for worthy investments both online and in local vintage stores and you may find that perfect piece for your closet.

Some Ways Wear New Colours

One of the first things to do is select trendy shades that suit your skin tone. The only way to do is by holding swatches of material to your face in order to see which ones flatter you the best. Take a good friend along with you for another opinion in case you feel that you cannot do this on your own.

It is never a good idea to be adventurous just for the sake of it. If the new fashion looks very startling on you then it is best that you avoid it. The simplest and cheapest way of incorporating fashionable hues in your wardrobe is by getting scarves, handbags or shoes in those particular shades. Buy the accessories that go best with your existing wardrobe so that you do not have to spend a great deal of money. You could also use the colour on your nails or lips, as long as it is garnet, rose or fuchsia. You can slowly incorporate more hues into your look and the transition will not look too sudden.

Once you have introduced new colours to your wardrobe you can have great fun picking out new clothes to wear. If you were to look through fashion magazines these days you would see that bright dresses, jeans and skirts hog the pages. In other words, you will have plenty of outfits to choose from and can come up with a variety of interesting combinations.

If you feel more confident about experimenting with fashion you could even wear contrasting colours. Orange and hot pink is a very daring combination that will surely attract attention. However, if you want to make smaller fashion risks then you could wear bright colours with white or black. Over time you will be able to come up with an interesting colour palette that will mark you out as a fashion forward person.