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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Information of Celebrity Hair Styling

To start off with, take a look at your hair type. Do you suffer from dandruff, which forces you to use dandruff shampoos? Take a cue from the celebrity stylists who tell their clients to take and grind up an aspirin to mix into their shampoo once or twice per week. Normal dandruff shampoos on the market today are well known for stripping away pigments from color treated hair or even dulling out natural colors. This trick of adding aspirin to your shampoo that caters to colored hair will help you to reduce and eventually eliminate dandruff while keeping your color vibrant.

Did you realize that brushing your hair can actually cause a whole lot of stress to those beautiful tresses? Instead of working with a brush every time you need to style your hair, try working a wide toothed comb or even your fingers through your hair to release any knots or snarls. Additionally, you may want to think of using a leave in conditioner spray before you style your hair to help lock in the moisture to help your hair stay strong and silky.

One of the hottest celebrity hair styling tips is the use of baby powder on your roots when you feel that your hair is a little bit on the greasy side. Models and actresses who are in between shampoos have often worked with a stylist that will dust a little bit of baby powder onto their scalp and then blow dry out and style as usual. The baby powder works to absorb a good amount of the excess oil that is on the scalp at the root area and then is blown away when styled.

No matter what, there are many great hair styling tips and tricks that you can take from the hair stylists to the celebrities. All in all, you want to have a good knowledge of the products that you are using along with any and all of the tools that you will be using to style your hair. This knowledge along with some of the hair tricks will help you to create stunning, celebrity hairstyles time and time again that all of your friends are sure to be envious of.

Steps Create Own Fashion Style

Style comes from within, from knowing who you are and who you want to be; not from wanting to be someone else, or wanting to be thinner, shorter, taller, prettier. Many of the most stylish women in the world have not been great beauties – think Lauren Hutton with her gap-toothed smile or Barbra Streisand and her Grecian nose – but have drawn from an enormous amount of self-confidence. They made us think they were beautiful simply by believing it themselves.

The first tip I would like to give you is to determine your colors. To do this you need to assess your hair, skin and eye color as well as what colors you feel you look the best in. Determine your “season” can introduce you to a whole new palette of colors! The point of doing this is to use these colors as a guide while shopping so that you can select the pieces that will look best on you.

Do you tend to buy clothes that you are drawn to, even if they are utterly impractical for your lifestyle? If so, those clothes are definitely “your style”. If you gravitate towards hot pink sundresses, but you have to wear tailored business suit to work, try to take a bit of your style with your every day-add a colorful silk scarf to your ensemble and the longest earrings allowable at your place or employment. You won’t be wearing your hot pink sundress, but you will have a more individual look that expresses your personality.

One way to foster and develop your own style is to find out what looks good on other people. Leaf through magazines or watch TV for trends that catch your eye. If people often compliment you on looking like a certain celebrity, search their name online and see what they wear to compliment their coloring and size. Alternatively, visit crowded places such as malls or downtown sidewalks. Observe what people are wearing, and take note of fashions you like.

Some Accessories Look in a Suit


The easiest and most conventional form of accessory in men’s suit is a classy tie. It is almost as if a suit is incomplete without a tie although in this modern era, men are going through fashion evolution and opting to wear suits without ties. However, you can’t deny that a tie augments a man’s style to a great level. You can pick light coloured suits and wrap a tie that has contradictory shades and designs on it. There are several forms of tie-knots as well with which you can play around to match the different occasions you’re wearing the suit.

Pocket Squares

A pocket square is that element in your suit ensemble that adds an ‘X-Factor’ to your style. If you’re looking to add contrasting piece in your get-up that will cruise you to fashion perfection then all you need to do is style a pocket square. Drape yourself in custom tailored suits in Canberra and add a pocket square to it in order to take your panache to a whole new level.


A gentleman knows the importance of a good pair of cufflinks. Be it shinny blings or sober and polished ones, cufflinks can always enlighten your sense of style. Moreover, there are various kinds of shirt cuffs as well and you can accessorize cufflinks with them to reach the summit of perfection.

Formal Clothes for Men

The shirt that you choose to wear should not be loud and should instead be subtle and soft. White shirt is one of the safest choices but at the same time, a translucent white shirt can be totally wrong at such events. You can team it well with men fashion accessories like cufflinks or neckties. These add grace to your formal wardrobe and add a touch of elegance to it.

Another thing that should be kept in mind is that when you select your formal shirt, don’t opt for shirts with bold prints and instead you can opt for stripes that looks perfect. If you are not wearing a blazer then you can wear a luxury scarf with the shirt and make it look sophisticated.

The suit you choose for these events should be well fitted and should be of good quality fabric. A single breasted suit is a good option as it makes you look slim and elegant. If you want to be safe and don’t want to make a fashion faux pass then it is best to stick to colors like black, grey, navy blue, brown and beige. These colors are never out of fashion and look subtle enough.

In your blazer pocket you can add Mens fashion accessories like pochette which would surely make you look graceful and stylish. Your clothes should fit you well and should be well ironed so that you may look impeccable.

One thing that is often ignored is your socks. When dressing up formally make sure that your shoes and socks matches your attire. These days stylish mens designer socks are available which can be worn with formal wear and can add more grace to your wardrobe. A good time piece can complete your look and ensure that you look fashionable and elegant. Thus you can complete your formal look with accessories like mens designer socks or luxury scarf and use other things as well.