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Pick Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Fit: Whether it’s about wardrobe or sunglasses, the cardinal rule of fashion says it should fit within your level of satisfaction. Anything loose or extremely tight washes out the charm of that thing. So, while choosing a pair of sunglasses – to look like your favourite movie star – you need to heed on its frame as well as lens. If the frame is fitting rightly, then you wouldn’t have problem keeping UV rays at bay otherwise they would keep perturbing you. On the other side of the story is lens, make sure the lens are in line with your centre of eyes. Having a pair of sunglasses that is loose on these two important aspect means playing with UV in scorching summer and your style quotient is nowhere to support you.

Shape: Not necessary that your favourite movie star’s sunglasses would be a good fit on your round face. He needs aviators but you, as per the face guide, need wayfarers. Though there are many shapes available in the fashion market online, however you got to know how to find perfect one for yourself. For that you can prefer sunglasses guide, there are sunglasses for every face cut, as simple as that.

UV Protection: People sport sunglasses mostly during summers so as to protect their eyes and faces being scorched by unrelenting sun rays. Rather than style quotient, this should by your frontline thought while buying a pair of sunglasses online or from a store. Hence, always go for polarized and anti-reflective lenses – they best protect eyes from UV rays.

Material: Your sunglasses should be light, durable and shattered resistance. Nearly all frames and lenses in sunglasses are made of plastic material. However, if the material used is of deplorable level then you aren’t getting your best buy. Always choose a pair which is made up of good plastic like CR-39 which offers durability, shock-resistance and lightweight.

Shade: Sunglasses come in shades, not in bold colours. The value and the purpose of a shade differ from occasion to occasion. You cannot carry the grey-tinted driving shade on a beach picnic. Actually, it all depends upon the kind of blue light or glare you face. With shades you seek your comfort: no dark view at the same time in the pursuit of blocking excessive sunlight. Some of the popular shades are grey, amber, gradient lenses and brown lenses (especially for beach).