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Some Accessories Look in a Suit


The easiest and most conventional form of accessory in men’s suit is a classy tie. It is almost as if a suit is incomplete without a tie although in this modern era, men are going through fashion evolution and opting to wear suits without ties. However, you can’t deny that a tie augments a man’s style to a great level. You can pick light coloured suits and wrap a tie that has contradictory shades and designs on it. There are several forms of tie-knots as well with which you can play around to match the different occasions you’re wearing the suit.

Pocket Squares

A pocket square is that element in your suit ensemble that adds an ‘X-Factor’ to your style. If you’re looking to add contrasting piece in your get-up that will cruise you to fashion perfection then all you need to do is style a pocket square. Drape yourself in custom tailored suits in Canberra and add a pocket square to it in order to take your panache to a whole new level.


A gentleman knows the importance of a good pair of cufflinks. Be it shinny blings or sober and polished ones, cufflinks can always enlighten your sense of style. Moreover, there are various kinds of shirt cuffs as well and you can accessorize cufflinks with them to reach the summit of perfection.